National Running Day: Doing More Than Just Miles

Fellow runners,

As you may know, tomorrow, June 4th, is National Running Day. To some, it's a holiday, however to most of us, it's just another day to log miles.

So, I'm going to do more.

A lot of you know, I am running the Chicago Marathon for Team PAWS, which supports PAWS Chicago, a no-kill shelter in Chicago. My fundraising has been going pretty well, and I'm appreciative for those who have already donated in service to my effort.

 Now, I plan to take it up a notch. So, here's what I'm proposing...

Tomorrow, I am going on a six mile run for National Running Day, and during that run I'm asking you to donate to my Team PAWS donation page. At the end of my run, whatever amount has been donated in that time, I will match (up to $300). So, you guys give $200, I'll throw in another $200 to the effort. 

Please help me help those who need it.

I will post on my Facebook/Twitter channels when I begin and finish my run, so you know when to donate. Below is a link to my Team PAWS page. 

Donation Page for Justin Stone

Can you really say no to this face?

Can you really say no to this face?