Giveaway Time!!! **UPDATE** We Have a Winner!

As promised, I said would give something away. Well, kids, here you go. 

Check out this delicious running goodness!

Right? RIGHT?

A grand gift that includes all of the following:
  • (2) Sweet, sweet New Balance water bottles
  • (1) Red flashy light thingy to help to you be seen in the dark
  • (1) Nubby ball for your aching feet. This thing is awesome!
  • (1) Totally, friggin' sweet New Balance backpack with more pockets than I can count!
So, here's what you need to do:
I'm not one for liking this and sharing that, blah, blah. That's all too much work. So, how about just leave a sweet comment below. Full disclosure: your answers won't influence the odds of winning (I already know you're awesome), but flattery never hurt either.

The serious stuff:
  • The chance to win ends Sunday, December 22, 2013 around noonish (EST).
  • Just one comment, please (so make it count).
  • By entering you fully agree to this giveaway being just for fun, meaning if you don't win, you can't get all uppity. Everyone has a sporting chance.
  • The products are all representative of their respective companies. By entering you fully agree to not come after me if you win and don't like the gifts. But, I really hope you like them.
  • Only U.S. entrants. Sorry, world.
  • The winner will be announced Sunday night most likely by Twitter.

Congratulations to Danielle, who's name came first out of the hat. Danielle, I sent you a DM on Twitter with the details.  Thanks, everyone for entering!!