Friday Run Funnies - Late Edition: What to Do While Your Watch Looks for a Satellite

Quite possibly one of the most frustrating things a runner has to deal with is waiting for their damn watch to find a satellite. It's infuruating! It never fails; when I'm ready to go, the excruciatingly slow pace it takes my Garmin to find a satellite drives me nuts. Seriously, what's the deal? Am I the only one who experiences this? No, I can't be. 
Anytime today would be nice.

 For those of you who share my frustration, here are some things that you could possibly do while waiting for your watch to fill its bars:

1) Fly to space and actually find the satellite.
2) Listen to the Minute Waltz.........37 times.
3) Finish a marathon, and then run back.
4) Bake a souffle.
5) Learn to dance the Salsa.
6) Get lapped 5 times by an old lady in a walker.
7) Work enough hours to pay for a runDisney event.
8) Watch enough games to see the Cubs fall to last place (actually, that's pretty quick).
9) Charge your electric car.
10) Put a kid through college.

Do you suffer the same frustration? A solution I have found that works pretty well is to place your watch by a window as you get ready for your run. If you have a Garmin 610, my watch, don't let it go to the time mode or else you will have to start over.

Happy running!