DLR Half Countdown: Post #2: What Should I Pack?

Okay, gang, we’re a little less than 3 weeks out for the big races in Anaheim. Last week, I told you how I keep myself calm and focused when stuck in the sea of runners, otherwise known as the Start corrals.

But, today I wanted to talk about what to bring to make sure you remain focused on your running goal and not where to find running socks the day before the race starts. Let me also say there are a lot of bloggers out there giving similar advice on the matter. To that, I say check them out, too. Look at folks’ different perspectives, but also look at the similarities to aid in your decision. 
So much stuff. And that's just running gear!
While running may be the simplest of sports, ironically runners bring tend to bring the most crap, since we are so particular. Destination races are tricky, since you have to be prepared for anything and everything without over-packing. My wife and I are no exception. I will check, double check and triple check the weather in the days preceding a race, but inevitably I won’t trust it and dump my running drawer into my suitcase.

“To carry on or not to carry on?”

By all means, carry on! The airlines these days just aren’t what they used to be and the last thing you want is your favorite pair of racing flats to end up in Fargo, North Dakota when you need them most. You don’t have to carry it all on, but your race day attire should never leave your side. Here’s the running gear that goes in my carry on:

1x half marathon racing flats (I’ll wear my back ups on the plane)
1x running socks
Running belt (a game day decision)
2x headphones (I HAVE to run with music)
Garmin 610 + charger
2x compression shorts
1x running shorts
1x singlet
iPod shuffle + charger (See why)
iPhone + charger

My "can't run without" gear + iPhone (not shown)

Although, I will be running a 10k and a half marathon, in a pinch I could get away with most of the same gear. 
And since a lot of my readers are of the female persuasion, I asked my wife to share her carry on gear to give you ladies a sense of what she brings (she pulled rank and removed her run-dies from the picture). 

The missus' gear.
1x running shoes (she's not as shoe crazy as I am)
1x running socks
1x headphones
1x iPod + running armband
Garmin 210 + charger
1x running shorts
1x singlet
1x sports bra
Sports tape
Travel deodorant
1x Sweaty Band
1x Road ID

"Check that stuff!"
Now, all the extra crap we tend to check in our bags. While still essential, if it were to get lost I wouldn’t be SOL on race day.

1x 10k racing flats (I'm pretty particular about my shoes, but most folks can get away with 1 pair)
3x running socks
My RoadID
GU gels/Honey Stingers
Band-aids, Tylenol, Bio-Freeze, Ace Bandage, Body Glide
1x compression shorts
1x nubby ball
1x travel roller stick
4x running shirt
2x running shorts
Bathing suits
Comfy shoes for after the race/walking around. I have these great Chaco Kolb flip flops that are amazing. Expensive, but my arches are well supported.

If you forget anything or your luggage gets lost, remember Don't try anything new on race day! Buying stuff is great at the expo, but be careful! If it's tried n true things like GU or similar, you're probably okay. Shoes, shorts, shirts, new foods, bras, run-dies tend to be a bad decision. 

As I mentioned at the top of the post, use this as directional advice as well as other folks' posts. But, at the end of the day you have to be comfy, so pack what you need!

Hope this helped and happy running!