DLR Half Countdown #3: Saving Your Energy

The plane just landed and you step out of the airport in the warm California weather. There you are with your list (c'mon we all have one), it's a few days before the race and your goal is to see everything and anything the west coast has to offer. Sound strategy?

2 weeks!
 While priority #1 is to have fun, you have a race to run (possibly 2 or 3) and to ensure you have a great time, it's important to build your plan around those races and the energy they require to finish standing upright. That doesn't mean you have to sit in your room and wait for race day, all can be accomplished if you are smart and plan accordingly.

The Theme Parks: Even though, the Haunted Mansion & Big Thunder will be closed over race weekend (yeah, I'm not peeved or anything), there still is a ton to do and you'll want to see it all. That's great! But remember, traipsing through the parks requires A LOT of walking and standing which can wreak havoc on your legs. I'm not suggesting saving your parks days until after the race (although, it'll be great to roam Disneyland with all those medals around your neck), just don't try to do it all. Here's a few tips:
  1.  Don't expect to see everything: You may feel rushed trying to see everything and a) stress yourself out when you can't check off all the rides/shows on your list, and b) not enjoy what you did see because you were running from place to place.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes: Flip flops? No. Crocs? No. Retired running shoes? Check. Wear shoes that will support your feet, not just for walking but also for when you are standing still in lines (and you WILL have to stand in lines).
  3. Take a break: If you are staying on property and/or have multi-day passes, feel free to take a break, especially in the middle of the day when it's hottest. We tend to hit a few things in the morning and then go back to the hotel and relax by the pool. Once we've rested up, we'll head back into the parks to enjoy a few more offerings. 
  4. Save the late night stuff for after the race: World of Color, Fantasmic, ExtraMagic hours the night before the race is a bit dangerous. Some of you may have to get up an hour or two after midnight to get to the race and the last thing you want is to still be washing the sleep out of your eyes as the fireworks go off. Go to bed early.
  5. Take a water bottle with you: A full water bottle as you explore the parks will deter you from other beverages (sugary/alcohol) that look so tempting throughout the day. 
  6. Have fun! While you are there to race, don't let the race consume you. After all, you're surrounded by life-sized cartoon characters. 
Two weeks to go, gang. I hope your training has been going well.  I'm excited to get out there and meet so many of you.