Friday Run Funnies: The Running Devil

We, runners, do dumb things. Running 10 miles one day, just to get up the next is pretty insane to most people. Is it a lifestyle or have we runners gone ‘round the bend? What is that thing that tells us to, “Get up and get your move on?”

I think it’s the personal relationship you have with your “runner self.” You know what I’m talking about, that part of you that’s just a little bit crazier than your usual (office/inlaws/courtroom)-friendly self. It’s almost as if we have a double identity, a little “running devil” if you will. The “running devil” is that alter ego that makes you think and do crazy running things. Even the most wholesome, good natured runner will occasionally succumb to the dreaded running devil. What about you? When does your runner Mr. Hyde make you do? Any of these?

·      When seeing shoes in a running store and thinking, “Wow, these shoes are great and they are only $115! But, my current shoes only have 45 miles and I’m hiding from my landlord. But, new shoes……….”
·      Getting passed during a race and thinking, “Man, f**k you.”
·      Running miles 1-3 of a half marathon at a 7:30 pace when you’ve trained for a 9:00 mile race.
·      Sign up for a ton of destination races
·      Wear something at a race you bought at the expo the day before
·      Trying Vibrams
·      Making you go that “one extra mile”
·      Saying “It’s just a sprain. I can run through it.”
·      Hop into a tub full of ice cubes and cold water
·      Immediately after running 26.2 miles, you immediately sign up for another race

What has your “running devil” make you do?