Friday Run Funnies: Great Marathon Signs

We've all been there; you're at mile 19 and the race just got real. There isn't one spot on your body that isn't on fire, your hungry and your legs feel like stiff twigs without any joints. You're ready to throw in the towel and then you see it, someone's wise-ass comment on the side of the road that kicks you out of your bitchy pity party and gets you back in the game.

That's good advice!

These signs are great motivation and allow for a second to realize you actually signed up for this thing, so it all can't be serious. So, I scoured the web looking for my favorite signs. Have you seen these?

A few of my faves....

  1. Anything with "that's what she said." As in, "R-U-N! That's what she said!"
  2. "Run like you stole something!"
  3. "Get that Kenyan!"
  4. "Did you sleep with my wife/husband?"
  5. "Worst. Parade. Ever!"
  6. "Don't poop yourself"
  7. "I'm your athletic supporter."
  8.  "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon."
  9. "We can totally do it afterwards if you can move."
  10. "4 months and $150 later, here you are!"

With those as inspiration, I've developed a few for runDisney-specific races.

  1. "What? No Fastpass to the Finish?"
  2. "You just got passed by a princess, seven dwarves, and a dog...wait, is Goofy a dog? Yes, yes I think he is a dog. He's just a different type of dog than Pluto. Yeah, I'm almost positive he's a dog."
  3. "You know they have buses and monorails and shit."
  4. "All the running in the world won't bring Horizons back."
  5. "Dole Whips at the finish!"
  6. "Watching you run is still better than Fantasmic." (WDW)
  7. "Bippity Boppity Booyeah!"
  8. "Take your time, we can't check in until 3."
  9. "Got any pins/Vinylmation to trade?"
  10. "Some of you may be dopey, but you're all Goofy!"

 Have you seen any great signs that kept you going and/or any ideas on new signs you haven't seen yet?