Overcoming the Funk: Help Me Get My Running Mojo Back!

As I sit here, writing this week’s post (weekly?), it will have been about 8 days since I have gone out on a run. Sure, I may have walked 500 miles around Disney World last week, but for all intents and purposes, not one structured run. This is really odd, since I usually put in about 5 runs a week (if I’m not injured or having a post-race rest), but lately my motivation, well has been…..nonexistent.

I know I need to get out there, I have a slew of major races on the horizon like the Disneyland Half Marathon & 10k, Chicago Marathon, Wine & Dine Half Marathon, and the tortuous Dopey Challenge in January. The urgency to get ready is real it’s just nothing, nada, zip, zilch, no go. I’ve been racking my brain trying to understand the reasoning and I think I have it down to a few reasons (although, this is nothing more than fruitless attempts to find rationale and not the sheer fact I’m being lazy). 

"Meh." Source: Internet

Weather: Hey, I know it’s summer. Suck it up! Any runner will tell you summer running sucks, but you endure. I see the rain outside or look at the temperature and go, “Eh, I’ll go in the morning tomorrow.” Which, once tomorrow comes, the snooze button just looks so tempting I have to indulge.

Location: As I get more accustomed to my new city of Boston, I’m finding it’s really not that conducive to running (just like how no one here will rent to dog owners, yet everyone has a dog). The path along the Charles River is broken or mismatched concrete and on one side of it you need to stop every half mile for a stoplight. I guess I was really spoiled by the long stretches of Chicago’s Lakefront path, where you could just go and go without stopping.

Lack of Races: Boston also doesn’t have a lot of road races in/near the city. We haven’t gotten a car yet (no one has a car in Chicago so we didn’t need one), so any races in surrounding suburbs are out of touch. I used to do one race a month, now it seems like 1 race every 2-3 months. I’m the kind of person who needs that race motivation to get serious; otherwise it’s just running for health, whoop-dee-doo.

What’s the Point?: As mentioned earlier in the post, we went down to Florida last week to see friends and family. While there, we went to Disney World and I couldn’t help but notice the amount of electric “Rent Me” wheelchairs that were in service. I understand these are invaluable to those who truly need them, but clearly there were a plethora of those who didn’t require any help (we saw one lady get out of hers to get in line at the turkey leg cart). It really struck me in a way that I can’t shake. If other people don’t care about their health and we as a society enable them milk the system to their advantage, why the Hell am I running 50 miles a week. Heck, maybe I should just by a Hummer and buy a house next to a fast food restaurant. This should be motivation for me to work harder, yet it’s had some kryptonic effect on me.

Running Has Gotten Boring: Yep, I said it. Running has gotten boring. I’ve been through slumps before, but this is different. Music that once got me motoring is now flat and my feet seem heavy. It used to be on my runs, someone would pass me and I would get a little flame within to say, “Go get that guy.” Now, it’s like “Meh, I’m good.” This is the scariest of them all, as I really do love to run and participate in this passionate community of runners.

Perhaps, this is all some kind of pity party and I should just put on a pair of one of my many running shoes and kick myself in the ass to get out the door.

So, I’m asking you, running community to help me get my running mojo back. It’s somewhere out there, stranded on the side of the road, a blown-out tire without a pump. C’mon guys, be my pump (is that weird?) Tell me if you have ever been in a running funk and how did you pull out of it. New music, mental techniques, heck, I’ll even listen to astrology charts if it works.

Help me get back out there and enjoy the miles.