New Adidas Springblade Running Shoes: Cool or Hype?

"I reckon I'm gonna run faster. Umm Humm." (name the movie)
So, the other day, I got a note from Addias asking to check out their new Springblade shoes which will be available in retail on August 1st of this year. At $180 these suckers are not cheap, but as you all have noticed lately running shoes are getting more expensive (while materials relatively aren't changing). I've been reserving my thoughts until launch day, but there are some great articles out there talking about it, so I thought I would chime in. Fast Company's FastCo Design team did a great article on the piece which can be accessed here Fast Co Design: Adidas Springblade Runners

I'll have the salmon - SOURCE: Adidas/Fast Company
But price isn't my issue. My trepidation comes in the form of the shoe itself. As the picture illustrates, the shoe has eschewed the traditional sole of the shoe with gill-like springs allegedly to help propel the runner faster. While I'll wait to make a full decision on them, initial thoughts lead me to believe 2 things: 1) This will be all hype, 2) This is cheating to the utmost degree.

I'll address both:

1) Hype: These may look so ridiculous runners simply won't want to be seen on the trail/track/course with fish gill shoes. And/or, these will make their way to the non-running public as day-to-day kicks and well, we runners know better. The only day-to-day running shoes we ever wear have been retired from the field of battle. These could be the flavor of the week and then quickly forgotten about. Anyone remember Reebok's Zig running shoes? Yeah, no.

2) Cheating: Depending on the impact these make to the runner, we may be talking about bringing a cannon to a knife fight. Call me a purist, but the role of my running shoes is to keep rocks from getting in between my toes and help me feel the road better, not launch me to the moon. I'm curious to see what USATF has to say about these.

I will say they certainly are different and Adidas has been making strides/news lately with their BOOST technology shoes, so I will tip my hat to the German speedsters on that. But, as I mentioned earlier, I'll give a full review when I get my hands on a pair.

Full disclosure, I am a big Adidas fan. I run in Bostons & Tempos for trainers and then Adios (1, 2 & Custom) for racing flats, so I'm giving them a little leeway here. But, I will be completely honest and objective in my review.

What do you guys think? Is this something that you're dying to try or are you waiting to see if it's all just a spring loaded dud?