In My Ears

Yes, I haven't posted in awhile. New city, new job, blah blah. Let's all just move past it.  There's a lot I want to talk about and will get to it in due time, but tonight I want to continue my series on good, check that, great running tunes. If you haven't read my first post on some great tracks, you can read it here The Importance of Music When I Run

I gots ta have the music!

Music is just as important to me as my racing flats. Being a musician, I have a deep connection to it and need it to do my best. The songs I recommend may not do anything for you, but for me they make me fly. Here are some tracks that have been recently rotated in my race mix:

1. Workin' Day and Night: Michael Jackson
From 1981's "Off the Wall." Uptempo and filled of funky grooves. Sure, the guy was batshit crazy, but he made Thriller. Thriller.
Grade: B+

2. Good Life: Kanye West (feat. T-Pain)
Two things I hate, Kanye West and AutoTune. Why do I love this song? More importantly, why do my splits improve 18 seconds when this song comes on? Someone figure that out and get back to me.
Grade: A (hush hush)

3. Give Life Back to Music: Daft Punk
Opening track of their new Random Access Memories album. This song is the balls! It lays down the smoothest grooves that set your mind on aural cruise control, letting your legs just run. It certainly doesn't hurt that the drummer on this track is legendary studio legend, JR Robinson. You may recognize his drumming from MJ's "Off the Wall" and "Thriller." Thriller
Grade: B+

4. This is What It Feels Like: Armin van Buuren (feat. Trevor Gutherie)
Wanna have some fun? Powersong this betch right when you think you have nothing left in the tank. You're welcome.
Grade: A

5. Viva la Vida: Coldplay
Sure this song is a little played out, but Coldplay to white people is like new car smell. You absolutely love it, but have no idea what it's made of. I just tap my feet and move on.
Grade: B (something made me want to type and A, but I fought it off)

Hope you enjoy the tunes in this brief post. Next week, I'll have some good material on recent races and all the crazy runDisney stuff that's been going on. Stay tuned!