Friday Run Funnies: What Non-Runners Say

Over the course of the weekend I'll be finishing the new look of the site. In the meantime, have a go at some things non-runners say that make runners laugh. Heard any of these?

  1. I once ran like a 4:15 mile in school
  2. I easily run 20 miles up and down the tennis/basketball court, football/soccer field
  3. I only participate in "sports"
  4. Wind sprints are basically a 5k
  5. Why do it if you aren't going to win?
  6. How do you keep score?
  7. Do cities have professional teams?
  8. So, it's like jogging, right?
  9. You're one of those running nuts?
  10. I'd do it, but the shorts are too short
  11. I run a ton in my Nike Shox
  12. Oh, what's that Kenyan's name that wins all the races?
  13. Do you really poop yourself?
  14. I'm not willing to part with my toenails
  15. You just spent 4 hours running and you're happy about it?
  16. If men run 26.2 miles, what distance do the women run?
  17. Sweet runner's tan!
  18. I tried running once but I got a blister
  19. My Kinect is enough exercise for me