Team All4Kids, A Part of Children's Bureau

A few months back, I was approached by an organization that asked if I was interested in participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon on their behalf. While I was already scheduled to run (the 10k), I was interested in hearing more about the organization and what they stand for. 

All4Kids, a part of Children's Bureau, is an organization dedicated to helping at-risk children find safe haven from abuse and/or neglect, through:

  • Preventing child abuse and neglect both at home and in the community;
  • Protecting, nurturing and treating abused children;
  • Enhancing the potential of families and communities to meet the needs of their children by bringing them together to create safe and secure environments;
  • Advancing the welfare of children and families through superior programs in foster care, adoptions, child development, parent education, mental health, research and advocacy.

To help spread they word about the work they do to help better the lives of children, they are offering up bibs for the 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend through fundraising opportunities. 

If you are interested in running on behalf of Team All4Kids, or just about the organization, you can find more information here. TeamAll4Kids: Disneyland.

If you choose to run on their behalf or are just going to be at the DLR Half weekend, I hope to see you there, and kudos to you if you end up running on behalf of someone who needs help. 

Run fast. Run smart.