Gear Review: StrideBox - A Monthly Treat for Runners

When I was kid I was enamored with those "15 cassettes/cds for a penny" ads that would litter my magazines. Sure, there was a huge catch that would cost you well beyond what the cds would cost at the store, but the thought of getting a crate of music delivered to me by mail was too much to handle. I was hooked. Thankfully, my folks put the kibosh on my order before I handed over the deed to our house. 

It seems over the recent years subscription based services have come back to the limelight, offering everything from fully prepared to meals, to dog treats, even to underwear. Each month (or sooner), a knock on the door can bring just about everything. Some crucial (thank you Wine of the Month club), others a little more frivolous. 

The majority of subscriptions services I've encountered are more aggregators of many brands versus just one company, which is a pretty good deal for brands and customers. For one, smaller brands have the opportunity to get sample size product to many consumers, while consumers enjoy the diverse range of products that are targeted to them. 

So, it was only a matter of time before a service was developed to cater to us runners. Enter StrideBox, a monthly service where $15 brings you a bevy of running goods that span nutrition, body care and running goodies. Each of the samples is about one or two servings with at least one big product (iPhone belts, shoe bags, etc). StrideBox had reached out to me to get a tester box and they had asked me to take a look. 

I received my StrideBox on Friday and the first thing I noticed was the company really understands runners. The first pieces of the box are StrideBox branded "Stride Guides" that list out what products are encased in the monthly shipment, some background on the company and the best use for each product. The other card was a StrideBox workout guide listing specific workouts to make one a better runner. In my box, my workout guide had a modified "OSU" workout that was essentially stepped intervals, a very intense and beneficial workout. 

The other thing I noticed was that this box was densely packed with all sorts of running goodies. Some I was excited to receive and others felt like the types of samples one would find in a swag bag from a local race. I was especially excited to receive a pretty significantly sized package of Tailwind endurance powder (a trail runner favorite), On the Go cleansing towels (which are great for lunchtime runs at the office) and a pretty durable shoe bag. 

While those products I would consider "A" products, the rest of the products that supplemented the rest of the box were iffy at best. The Run Performance Gum was nice to have a few different samples to try, while the PR bar, Sweat X detergent, Raw Honey and thinksport shampoo samples were either too small or just not my cup of tea. Given this was my first, and likely only, StrideBox I'm not certain how diverse the product offerings get, but I could definitely get a sense the folks at StrideBox consciously try hard to give runners what they need. 

But, here's my biggest question about the service: Do runners really need a monthly service to try new products? As far as my running circle goes (and from what I see on social media), runners are intensely habitual, almost to a point of clinically clingy. How many times have you (or heard from a fellow runner) lamented an update of your favorite shoe, or have traveled an hour out of your way to find "your" energy gel? I, for one, am that superstitious about my routines, so my curiosity around this product is who is it really for? 

Please don't mistake my question for that of a nonbeliever, rather because my running tenure is lengthy and I know what I need to perform, I'm not sure samples of new products will benefit me or get me to switch. However, if you are new to running and/or are still trying to fine tune your running game, StrideBox may be the perfect answer for you to find what you are searching for.

StrideBox has certainly found a niche in delivering a monthly assortment of useful products to the running community. Newer runners or those with a piqued curiosity will enjoy the discoveries that lay within the box, while every runner will feel inspired to be a better runner through StrideBox's workouts added in every box. 

StrideBox is a $15 monthly subscription and more details can be found at StrideBox. I received a box for review free of charge and received no monetary compensation for this review. All thoughts on this review are my own and are no way influenced or directed by StrideBox.