Apera Locker Pack Fitness Bag

It's been a little over 4 months since Apera asked me to try out their new Locker Pack Fitness Bag, and I'm finally getting around to post it. Not because we haven't used it, rather ever since the bag was delivered I can't get my hands on it. 

My wife outright stole this bag from me. 

This bag has become her go to travel bag. It has literally been across the country and floated on international waters. It has been checked, stowed, crumpled and crushed; yet still looks (and smells great). 

Apera was started by folks in the bag industry, who saw the need for fitness bags to be more organized. After all, we runners tend to carry a lot of crap. And, because a lot of that crap is stinky stuff, their bags are designed to manage your funk without those around you noticing you've just finished 15 miles. 

The aesthetics of the outside of the bag are sure to score you jealous looks from fellow gym goers. The dark and metallic grey is accented by hot, neon green. The front face is simple, elegant, clean; a somewhat muted view which I really like. Turning the bag, the green commands attention on the shoulder straps, making this thing shine.

The clasp across the chest ensures a snug fit, although I wish the shoulder straps had a little more beef to them, as when I put on the bag it feels a tad flimsy. The sides are your first foray into the cavernous wonder that is this bag, each side having deep pockets that could easily fit a large water bottle.

Instead of opening like a standard backpack, entrance to the bag requires a full zip around it, and then pulling forward. I like this feature as it works more like a suitcase, in that you can lay your stuff in there, rather than just mashing it in. Once inside, the bag has so many storage compartments, one could get lost for days. Everything is strategically placed for phones, headphones, shoes, keys, shorts, etc. This is the kind of bag that understands that you have a life outside of exercise and makes sure you can shift from the gym to the office without having to schlep extra an extra bag. 

Speaking of extra bags, the bag comes with the always needed dirty clothes bag that's nearly as large as the Locker Pack itself. It's perfect for soiled shorts and shirts, and thanks to the antimicrobial material the smell is pretty well contained.  

This is our second review of Apera Bags. The first was their Performance Duffel, a solid (albeit, a little too feminine for my taste) bag that had more pockets than I could fill. Both of these bags are super durable, but if given a choice I would take the Locker Pack over the Performance Duffel any day. 

Lastly, the folks at Apera are good people. For every three bags they sell, they donate one to the Special Olympics. Brands that have a focus on doing good in society will always get a vote from me. 

As mentioned at the top of the post, this bag is one of our "go-to" bags. The durability and odor blocking material make it a sure consideration for functionality. But, the looks of it are no slouch, either. 

Want to see it in action? Check out my video review below. 

NOTE: This bag was supplied to me by Apera Bags. I received no compensation for this (other than the bag) and all comments are my own.