GO Tape: Premium Kinesiology Tape Review

Let me preface this review. I'm not one who subscribes to the whole kinesiology tape or compression thing. It's not that I think they don't serve a purpose, rather I've never experienced any significant benefit from either. It's a big industry and I've seen lines of runners out the door at expos waiting to get taped, so it must work on some folks. Some people swear by it, but I'm not convinced. But, what I do know is sports science improves at an alarming rate these days and I'm going to try every avenue if it means me running faster, longer and/or healthier.

That hurts my back just looking at her.

It was interesting to me when the folks from GO Tape reached to me to try some out. At first, I was reticent to take, given my thoughts on tape. But, the timing came well, as I had just severely rolled the crap out of my ankle on a recent trail run and could use some support for an upcoming half marathon. So, I figured I'd give it a shot and see if I could experience any noticeable benefit.

GO Tape markets itself as a premium tape, with the highest quality materials. It also has some language on why it's better than the competition, but I would have liked to have seen them go deeper in educating me why they're better (outside the few sentences on the box).

I think they have an opportunity to tells us more.


Out of the box, GO Tape felt just as soft and stretchy as the roll of KT Tape I had for comparison. The GO Tape did seem a little bit wider and felt a little more cloth-like compared to the KT Tape's grainy and thin feel, which really did make the GO Tape feel more premium.

The great "Tape Off!"

You can really see all the cloth-y goodness in the GO Tape.

Application was similar for both tapes. Accompanying GO Tape was an easy to read instruction manual that had pictures for a good many of the standard uses for tape. I used the directions to apply for "Ankle Stability" and had little issue applying (and yes, if you're a dude, it helps to shave your ankle a little). The only issue I ran into was the tape GO Tape sent was uncut, meaning I had to measure out and cut. Not a big issue, but a little time consuming. Once the tape was applied, I hit the road for a few miles.

While out on the road, I could still feel ankle pain, but didn't think the tape was going to cure the ailment directly. I did, though, feel a little more snappiness in that ankle, but that could have been a placebo effect, given I was well-aware I had tape on my ankle. After my run, I took a shower and the GO Tape stayed on without any issue (unlike other tape companies I've tried).

The next morning, I headed out on my half marathon on the coast of Maine. For the first few miles, I didn't have any issue, and I really didn't even feel the tape. But, around Mile 8, the tape began to come loose and then bunched at the bottom of my shoe, the exact same issue that happened with KT Tape on a similar run. It could have been due to the heat index reaching 110 degrees, but nonetheless, I could feel the tape on the bottom of my foot which distracted from run. This could be chalked up to the heat and not applying the tape correctly, but I followed the directions, so not sure what the issue was. Overall, I would say that I didn't really feel any benefit of the tape on my ankle.

Both felt pretty sturdy with GO Tape edging out KT Tape for thickness.

While it didn't appear to help that much with running, I can say it did help my ankle when I played drums. The snappiness felt when I play 8th notes on my high hat or foot pedal has allowed me to play longer and more consistently, so that's a win.

Overall, I would say GO Tape did not make me a convert in the kinesiology tape space. I did feel some benefits while drumming, but like I said above, not enough to use it consistently. As for GO Tape, specifically, it does have a more comfortable feel than its competitors, easy and clear directions, and at around the same price point, it should be considered if you're a consistent taper.

NOTE: I was supplied one roll of GO Tape by the manufacturer to provide an honest review. The opinions expressed above are all mine and are not influenced by any compensation (outside of receiving a trial roll of tape).