New Balance Zante: Boston Edition Running Shoes

For my video review of the New Balance Zante: Boston Edition running shoes, see below. Even further down is a more in-depth view of the shoes.

As a "low profile shoe" guy, I wasn't expecting greatness from this shoe. Boy, was I wrong. I took the shoes on a 5 miler and then, again on a 10 miler. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly light the shoes are. I don't know what kind of sorcery New Balance is employing, but it's some good ju-ju, as while the shoes have a ton of extra cushioning, I never felt an increase in weight from my traditional trainers.

The ride was super smooth, too. Even with the increased height, more than I am accustomed to, ,y turnover was easy and unencumbered.

Overall, I really enjoyed these shoes and they will definitely be a staple in my long mileage rotation of shoes.